Who are we?!

In my own exploration and research of more natural and safe body products to use in my home and for my family I’ve come up with our favourites. I’ll skip ahead and simplify what I’ve found. Keep watch on my Blog or Instagram for updates on my planning, goals, experiments, and offerings in my wellness journey.

My family and I raise our own dairy goats, render our tallow, trial and error all our own recipes. My toddler prefers goat milk to drink over store bought, we all solely use tallow products as moisturizers, and switched out all our body cleansers to Goat soaps(provided by Dolly, Shania and Marilyn our Nubian mamas) We only offer to others what use ourselves, and only if it’s beneficial. The vitamins, nutrients, moisturizing qualities, essential oil benefits and lack of chemicals and preservatives are why we do it and would never go back. We offer Body balms, Face creams, Bath oils, Lip Balms and multiple different Goat Milk soaps. Safe for babies, to mature skin, sensitive skin, and everything in between.

More info on Tallow below…👇🏼As well as the benefits of goats milk. 

About 3 years ago, in a thirst for gaining knowledge in my passion areas, I began a path in energy healing. What stemmed from equine assisted therapy turned into Reiki energy healing for animals. I fell in love with these sessions and my path curved towards human offerings. I truly enjoy doing both for such different reasons. Working with people has always been a joy of mine and these in-depth sessions are so rewarding for both of us. However, the power of working with an animal that provides no barriers, and only true healing and energy is beautiful and just cool to witness and be a part of. Not familiar with Reiki or what this Chakra Balancing can do for you? Watch my blogs for details or contact me anytime.

Seasonally we have wellness experiences. Stay tuned for what’s coming.

Want to embrace nature and not forgo comfort? Try a Glamping Experience. We are mobile and bring the most beautiful Canvas Bell Tent to your location. We set up, furnish, and take down when your experience is over. Local to the Pigeon Lake area. Contact us for details and pricing.

Watch for Mellow Out Wellness of FB, Instagram, and upcoming Markets near you.

Markets to find us at in 2024…!

Jan 26 Healthy Living Expo-Red Deer, Alberta!

April 6 Lakedell Agricultural Society Spring Market-Westerose, Ab

May 18 Familia Brewing Artisan Market-Mameo-Beach, Ab

May 24 Lakedell Ag Farmers Market-Westerose, Ab

June 15 Familia Artisan Market-Mameo Beach, Ab

June 21 Lakedell Ag Farmers Market, Westerose, Ab

June 29 Familia Artisan Market-Mameo Beach, Ab

July 20 Familia Artisan Market-Mameo Beach, Ab

July 26 Lakedell Ag Farmers Market, Westerose, Ab

August 17 Familia Artisan Market-Mameo Beach

August 23 Lakedell Ag Farmers Market-Westerose, Ab

August 31 Familia Artisan Market-Mameo Beach, Ab

-Megan and family🩵

Tallow Body Products

Goats Milk Soap

Wellness Offerings

Reiki Sessions

Let natures sights, sounds, and smells assist to balance your chakras. Utmost relaxation as the warm breeze comes through the gazebo and clears your energy. Or, enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the fireplace and the frosty beauty of nature behind the glass in the warmth of the indoors. New to energy sessions? Ask me anything or book today. 🩵

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